In the seventies the Squash Club 73 was a place where men in tiny shorts —and some women— came to practice the classic sport of rackets and rubber balls. In 2016 a group of young creatives discovered this abandoned jewel in the San Rafael neighborhood and decided to transform it into a multicultural space, preserving the vintage spirit of the place, and the freshness and the colors of squash.

"A place where various arts converge and flourish, a space that encourages free expression and the exchange of ideas."

Here you have the possibility of taking an acting class, renting the photo studio for your next shoot, digging through some vinyl, or maybe just having coffee and reading a book.

The New York Times described Mexico City as a “metropolis that has it all;” it was number one on their list of places to visit. We are the second city in the world with the most theaters and museums. Squash 73 is born out of our love for this city and the desire to boost its creative potential, to foster collaboration, and to create an effervescent artistic community. Squash is defined by each and everyone of its members, by every curious minds that sets foot in it: it’s defined by you.